Sculpted by Spyda
Sculpting Process


Anniversary of the dead was another concept begun from a sketch in my sketchbook when I was just thinking freely. Lots of ideas look cool in sketch form, but I let them go because, while they make a nice 2D illustration, theymake a boring sculpture. What makes a great sculpture to me, is when you see something new as you turn it about. if you only want to look at it from the 'front", then why do it as a sculpture?

I had done similar sketches a bunch of times before deciding on bthe final concept. Most importantly, I wanted the action to lead your eye up the compisition to his horrified face. It would be wider at the base to give it weight and a sense that he is being dragged down. By looking the sculpture over, the viewer should have some sense about what the story is here.

What the viewer hopefully sees is a handsome man with a shovel. Four female zombies are coming out of the ground and grabbing him to drag him down or eat him. Each is at a diffeent stage of decomposition. The last girl has not decomposed, but will look freshly dead when painted. She is just waking up dead. She also has ropes around her wrists and so do some of the other dead girls.

So from there, hopefully the viewer may see a serial killer who burries his vicetem's bodies in the same place. But as he was coming to bury this new one, all his past victems came back to zombie life and crawled out of the dirt to get him.








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