Jason Spyda Adams is a self taught sculptor from NYC. His work has spanned from fine art to special effects make-up, toy sculpture, and just about any field where 3-d modeling applies. His anatomy studies and lessons have been acclaimed by the best in the business. Recently, his own book "Spyda Creations, A Study of Sculptural Method" was published, offering a way of studying sculpting that was never offered in schools.
While he continues to work in the licensed sculpture industry, his real passion is the time he spends on his own creations. With these sculptures he can apply his strongest theories of sculpture. "Strong anatomy and to make a piece that holds it's composition from any angle you look at it. In fact, a sculpture may reveal more of the story as you turn it around, or walk around it. Anything else may just be done as a drawing or painting where you are forced to view it from one angle. A sculpture has the greatest ability to draw you in, and tell you a story and to make you feel movement and action. The pleasure of doing the work comes from delivering these things, not in just making a statue that looks like something recognizable."