Laignach Faelad
Resin Model Kit


The Laignach Faelad or the Wolfmen of Tipperary- $80 plus shipping
5 parts. 1/6 scale
I've been wanting to do some pieces of Folklore from around the world. I am beginning with this one.

During ancient and bloody times in Ireland, when kings fought for territory
and power, and paid handsomely for hired warriors, dating as far back as the
ancient texts called the Cior Anmann, there came a tribe of warriors known as
the Laignach Faelad. It is said that, in battle, they would become wolves, or
some believe half wolf. Or perhaps would disguise themselves as wolves.
These undefeatable warriors were followers of a cruel God called Crom Cauch.
Their price of service would discourage all but the darkest of kings to hire them
such as King Tigernmas, also a follower of Crom Cauch. ( the Bowed God of
the Mounds) The price for their services was the flesh of the newborn.

About 5 and a half inches tall. I think that's about 1/8 scale.

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