Tournament Battle
Resin Model Kit



Tournament Battle is a follow-up pieceafter my most popular statue and kit called simply "Tournament"
After doing the first one, I found myself expanding the story of the girl on the Dinosaur who was moving onto the next village and next Tournament. This time, I wanted to show the thrill of the tournament's Battle. of course, I knew this would not be a simple resin model kit, but instead become a major project with more action than I have ever put into one piece.
As the compeditors run along side one another in battle, the one eyed villain has knocked our hero, Vasha, off balance. Vasha grips on tight with her legs to regain balance while raising her broken shield to block the soon to be thrust spear. her sword arm is ready to strike but not quite fast enough. She is at a disadvantage. The one eyed girl is in a strong stance and ready to thrust her javelin, shield in position to block any strike. Vasha's mount may be what saves her. While the horned dinosaur seems to have them off balance, Vasha's dinosaur kicks back with a hind leg, the face of the one eye'd warrior's mount will take the next strike. Hopefully enough to throw off the warrior's javelin throw.

The kit is in 1/12 scale and separates at the base so you can put them together in combat or spread them appart to see all the details. There are 20 pieces and some lengths of chain. The tiny shapr pointy teeth of the dinos come in a separate row and must be glued in individually.


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