Spyda Creations: A Study of Sculptural Method

The spyda Creations book is compiled first by articles that I wrote for Kitbuilders magazine on the study of anatomy and the study of sculpture with polymer clay. At the end I talk about working in wax a little but as I still have some to learn with wax, that will have to wait for the second book.
For the anatomy section I get in depth, stripping muscles on a skeleton one by one so you can have a real idea of how these muscles work thus giving you a better idea how to draw or sculpt them. When you know how they work, your art will make better sense.
Working with polymer clay. The big question people ask me is how to smooth it. I go over this in detail. I talk about materials and what to use while doing kits statues and action figures.

Below is a quick flip through of the book just so you can see the quality of the book and get some idea of what is inside.


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