You've Been Spotted
Resin Model Kit

You've Been Spotted is a piece I did out of pure joy. I wanted to make some kits that were fun to paint and collect. Something that just couldn't be made as a painted statue because it'd be far too expensive for Manufacturing as anything but a kit.
The moment I hope to have captured would be as if you were walking through a graveyard at night and heard something, or perhaps saw a movement and stepped closer. Just then you see three zombies eating a grave digger. But as you have seen them, their cold dead eyes have just turned to you. At that very moment, You've Been Spotted, and it's too late to run.


With this first kit, I then created Spoil'd Rotten, a kit at the same scale. I hope to do a new one every Halloweeen so you can collect them as a whole Graveyard full of Zombies.


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